Wednesday, 3 September 2008

My baby's growing up!!!

Hazel my eldest daughter just started senior school this time! I can't believe how quickly the time's flown makes me feel old!!! It never dawned on me till Friday when she went to school that its 25 years since I was in the same position - first day at 'big' school - help, I'm old!!!!

Thought I'd post a pic of her looking all grown up in her new uniform - she'll probably kill me though hehe!!


Kazza said...

Doesnt she look smart!! My son started secondary school this week too :O)

craftyscot said...

she looks very smart- it is lovely to see children in uniform. Wish it was compulsory in all schools

Chris said...

Some great cards since my last visit!

Chris x

fairymadjo said...

stunning photo, huggs jo x

cats whiskers said...

Oh wow dosn't she look smart,m they grow up to quick don't they
Hugs Jacqui x