Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Kazza's Candy

Happy Anniversary Birthday Kazza!!!! Visit Kazza's blog to check out the fab candy she has to offer - and of course to wish her a very happy day

tagged again :-)

Oooh I got tagged again, twice lol so here goes... got to think up another 7 things you might not know (or even want to know!) about me

1. I love listening to music - all kinds :-)
2. I've never been abroad
3. I love reading and have usually got at least one book on the go!
4. My favourite place is Wales - its so beautiful there
5. I love fairies
6. My favourite colours are pinks and purples
7. I have a snake phobia - can't even see one on tv without freaking out!

Ok, now to pass this on - hopefully to someone who hasn't been tagged already :-) So I tag:


Some cards my daughters made :-)

These were made for a fairy theme swap in one of the groups I'm in and from time to time the girls like to take part too. The first one is by Alisha (5), second is Laura's (8) and lastly Hazel's (11). They love crafting, can't think where they get it from :-)

Black and white ATC's

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Going Dotty

Another great challenge from Tilda and Co ATC's - this week its going dotty! Here's my entry - got it done in the nick of time. Decided to go with the super cute Edwin this time, sitting looking so angelic on his steps :-)
Go and take a look at the fab atc's over there there's some amazing artwork!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Tracie's Birthday Candy

To celebrate her birthday tomorrow Tracie has a great blog candy - a set of lovely Pink Cat Studio stamps - and 2 runner up prizes too. I love Tracie's blog, she has some beautiful artwork on there and I find new inspiration every time I visit
Happy Birthday Tracie :-)

Thursday, 24 April 2008

A couple of cards I made for swaps

Thought I'd try something different with the waterfall and give it an oriental theme, on a kimono shaped card. The fairy is made using the match it peel offs

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Another male card.....

Stamped image coloured in with watercolour pencils, placed on blue for a border, then added to card - middle section was a bit bright as I'd used cream cardstock so used a blue/green watercolour mix to blend with backing paper, stamped greeting in pale brown to blend rather than stand out

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Country Scene

Stamped using distress inks tea dye, then coloured with watercolour paints and pencils and some flower soft sprinkled for a bit more depth

Tilda challenge - girly but blue

Here's my entry into the 'girly but blue' challenge which can be found here Thought I'd have a go as I like girly lol but usually its pink or lilac but I just got some new papers in shades of greens and blues so this gave me the perfect excuse to use some! Of course, had to add a few sparkles lol

Monday, 21 April 2008

Something a bit different for me.......

Well, this wasn't what I had in mind when I started - ended up with something completely different to my original plan as I couldn't find the backing sheet I wanted - and when I found a decent substitute had no ink to print it hehe.
Well, it was back to the drawing board and rethinking and this is the finished result - not colours I'd normally use but thought I'd go for something a bit different - and I'm pleased with it. The backing sheet, paper ribbon and tag are freebies I got in a magazine about a year ago and hadn't found anything to use them for. Edwin and the bench are coloured with watercolour paints and pencils and the black is drawn on with a fine liner just to add more definition cos I covered some bits with the paint :-) When I'd done I edged the card, tag and ribbon with gold line peel offs just to lift it a little. Not a girly colour in sight!!! I really love these magnolia stamps they're so versatile and fit just about any occasion! And they're cute as well which helps a lot!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Magnolia Ribbons Galore Challenge

oooops, had one of those moments and forgot to add the link! The card below, under the title 'my first tilda' is one I decided to enter for this week's challenge on Tilda and Co. The challenge was ribbons galore - so I made a little bow lol. The challenge can be found here and for any Magnolia fans its worth checking out for inspiration even if you don't enter the challenge.

Kim's Doodle Challenge

This one was just for fun. Kim on the Cuddly Buddly forum did the cat sketch and the challenge was to make a card using it - and this is my finished card. Being a cat lover I'm sure you can guess just how much I enjoyed this one!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Tara's blog candy

Tara has a gorgeous Magnolia stamp on offer on her blog worth checking out as she has some beautiful cards on there

Thursday, 17 April 2008

My entry for Tilda ATC challenge

Well here it is - my first ever challenge entry! This one's for the Tilda and Friends ATC Wet and Windy Challenge - which you can find here ttp://

hope its ok, good luck everyone who enters!

I really enjoyed this challenge - I'm fast becoming a Tilda addict!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My first Tilda card

This is my first attempt at a Tilda card - not very clear but the best pic I could get.
Used Sakura souffles to colour.
Watch this space - there will be more :)
I'm hooked and It's all Jo's fault.....

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I've been tagged.....

by Jo, so anyone who hasn't seen her blog - go check it out you don't know what you're missing - she has some great stuff there

OK..... now for the tag - 7 random facts about me, can't promise anything exciting but here goes

1. My ambition is to be a nurse or midwife

2. I met my hubby at school age 14

3. I've been on a ghost hunt

4. I hate anyone sat near me crunching crisps!

5. A year ago I didn't own a rubber stamp!

6. I love musicals

7. I'm an ebay addict

Ok, now to pass the tag on to ......






Katharina's Blog Candy

Wow, this is brilliant! To celebrate her forthcoming 30th birthday on 17 April Katharina has come up a fabulous candy! She's giving away a new original Hänglar and Stänglar stamp along with some stamped images! These are so cute, great candy Katharina hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Friday, 11 April 2008

New yahoo group

Well, after a bit of prompting from my fairy mad friend who shall remain nameless but she knows who she is lol I decided to start my own crafting group to meet new crafting friends!
Open to ladies anywhere, no matter how new or experienced a crafter you are! Will be hosting swaps and more when we're up and running fully and have a junior section for the under 16s so they can join in too!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Some of my cardsand ATC's

happy Accident

This was never meant to be purple lol - the only thing that gives it away is the blue stems! Had a problem with the printer and it printed it out in purple!!! No way was I wasting it lol - I love the colour. Just another of those happy crafting accidents! Am I the only one with a purple obsession hehe???

This one was a special request from a girl at college. She wanted something special for her mum for mother's day - and it had to be green!!! Never thought it would be so difficult finding just the right shades of green - but perseverance paid off and this was the end result!

Calling all sisters of SBS16!!!

Just wanted to say a quick hello, see what everyone's up to and basically to introduce myself to you all!!! I'm 35, married with 4 children, been married 12 years this coming October. I love to make cards and will have a go at most techniques. I'm still fairly new to stamping so have lots and lots to learn - be warned I'll probably be bombarding you all with questions and sending loads of pics of my 'attempts' - you'll soon be fed up of me hehe!!!
Got my new ink pads today so looking forward to having a play and seeing what I can create - its so much fun!!!!


Sisterhood 16 of the Blogging Stampers

Well, here I am, I made it - I think - with a lot of help from my friend Jo (SBS13) Thanks for all your help Jo, I'd be lost without you. And a big hello to the 'sisters'

the saga continues..........

yesterday's flat tyre isn't just a flat tyre - but something on the wheel thats broken and is rubbing on tyre - needs replacing to stop wheel dropping off - £80 to shell out - just what I need when I'm skint!

My first attempts with bleach......

Not perfect but I sure had fun! The fan is stamped onto dark purple card and embossed with black glitter ep - then I just painted different areas with bleach to lighten it - its fun watching the colours change - and you never know what you're going to get! Need to remember next time that unlike paints I CAN'T leave my brush stood in the bleach between uses lol - ended up with a bald paintbrush!!!
Also tried stamping with bleach - just made a pad with kitchen paper and poured bleach on then used on the stamp like an ink pad - didn't take a picture though lol! Got to remember to wash the stamp thoroughly though
I love this card -its one of my favourites! And it was so easy to do! the script background is just printed off and the little girl image was stamped onto a browny coloured card - then all covered with clear ink and EP and blasted with the heat gun to give an enamelled effect. The little dream tag I made by putting clear ink onto some card, added some gold ep, heated it then pushed stamp in and cut out!

Now this fairy's got attitude by the bucketload lolol!!
This is a card I made for my daughter Hazel - who's mad on fairies but was going through a red and black phase - courtesy of her best friend's 16 y/o 'goth' sister!! Still trying to figure out how she could be a goth wearing so much pink!!!!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

It just gets better!!!

well, what a carry on! was planning on coming home from picking the kids up and maybe crafting - why does it never happen how you want lol! stressed cos bus didn't turn up on time so was later than normal getting to school - just made it on time though - then Alisha decided to climb on the bench - and promptly fell off - splitting her lip open and scraping all her chin! Finally stopped the tears, cleaned her up and set off home - and we'd missed the bus so had to wait half an hour for another - then walk the last mile or so as the bus doesn't come up this way. Just what I need when I'm in agony and aching from head to toe!!!! From going out at just before 2.30 eventually got home at 4.30 (journey only takes 10mins each way by car - oh why did I never carry on with the driving lessons lol) Got home to a ringing phone - Darrell ringing to tell me he's stuck out in castleford - he's got a puncture and can't get the bolts off to change the wheel so has to wait for the RAC to come out to him!!! mmmm that bit of quiet, restful crafting time just suddenly seems to have grown wings and flown right out the door!!!

ever had one of those days.......

where you're full of good intentions - until you get out of bed lolol!!! I had a list in my head of all I was going to do today - and here I am halfway through the day - and none of it done! Oh the joys heehee! My own fault I guess for deciding to have a 'quick' check on emails - and then got chatting to Jo - who introduced me to the world of blogging - and here I am! Thanks Jo - you're a star hun!