Tuesday, 8 April 2008

It just gets better!!!

well, what a carry on! was planning on coming home from picking the kids up and maybe crafting - why does it never happen how you want lol! stressed cos bus didn't turn up on time so was later than normal getting to school - just made it on time though - then Alisha decided to climb on the bench - and promptly fell off - splitting her lip open and scraping all her chin! Finally stopped the tears, cleaned her up and set off home - and we'd missed the bus so had to wait half an hour for another - then walk the last mile or so as the bus doesn't come up this way. Just what I need when I'm in agony and aching from head to toe!!!! From going out at just before 2.30 eventually got home at 4.30 (journey only takes 10mins each way by car - oh why did I never carry on with the driving lessons lol) Got home to a ringing phone - Darrell ringing to tell me he's stuck out in castleford - he's got a puncture and can't get the bolts off to change the wheel so has to wait for the RAC to come out to him!!! mmmm that bit of quiet, restful crafting time just suddenly seems to have grown wings and flown right out the door!!!


fairymadjo said...

ahhhhhhh hun, sounds like your having a bad day, jo x

CarolineH1972 said...

oh yeah now I found out its not just a flat tyre but something more serious - just gets better and better!!!