Friday, 30 January 2009

pawfect!!!! well,not really!

wanted a quick card for a RAK and found this sheet I bought months ago - ended up taking more time than it would with a stamped image lol cos when I put it together I decided it was lacking and didn't look finished...... added a few outline peeloffs and found a clipart bone and printed a sentiment - then added a bit of ribbon!! still not sure about it but think its just because I'm so out of practice with decoupage lol

Monday, 26 January 2009

Finally made a card !!!

Can't believe this is the first thing I've made since before christmas - how bad is that!!! I think my creative streak has either gone into hibernation or got swamped with all the college assignments!!!

This one's for a flower swap in one of the yahoo groups I belong to. The image is from an image swap we did a while back over on sbs 16, coloured with prismas & white spirit, with a nice coating of glitter glue for an added bit of sparkle. papers, ribbons and flower from my stash, sentiment is a stamp I bought a while back and thought it would be appropriate! Not sure if its one of my best cards, but seeing as I'm a bit rusty I'm fairly happy with it :-)

Friday, 23 January 2009

I know things come in 3s......

but all 3 girls have been ill together - what joy!!!!!! they seem to have picked up some kind of virus, started with alisha getting up in the night screaming with headache, stomach ache, feeling sick....... then its moved on to laura and Hazel! Alisha had 1 day off school at the end of last week, hazel's had 2 days off and poor laura's been off all week. she went in to school wednesday and by 10.30 they'd sent her home!!! so as you can imagine its been a bit chaotic to say the least - juggling sick kids, college and assignments is no easy task - but fortunately i've got very understanding tutors!!

I know I'd planned on going into nursing but not this way lol - though after what I've heard about the degree course from my friend who had her uni interview last week I don't think I'll be bothering - its not family friendly at all - especially as I'll need days out every few weeks for Declan's hospital appointments. Soooooo uni's on hold now while I decide exactly what I want to do!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Happy Birthday Declan!!!!!

Happy birthday Soldier!!!

Mummy's little man is 2 already! Can't believe how quickly the time's flown! For those that don't know, Declan was born by emergency caesarian as he was in distress, which was scary enough, but at 2 days old he was on the operating table having an emergency ileostomy, as unknown to anyone he had a perforated bowel and everything was poisoning his system and he came close to not being here! It was touch and go for a while, but he finally came home on 27th Feb 2007 aged 5 weeks and 3 days and boy did I celebrate.
No-one's sure why the perforation happened but the hospital seem to think its Cystic Fibrosis although tests done before and after his stoma reversal are still inconclusive so they're treating him as CF until they know either way, even though he's showing none of the expected symptoms - ie not growing/gaining weight, constant chest infections etc
All that matters to me though is he's here, he's fit and healthy - has barely had so much as a runny nose lol - my chest is worse than his, he's got an appetite like I've never known and he's certainly growing!!!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

a few of the christmas cards I made......

But was in such a rush to get them out I mailed them, and gave them to friends at college - without taking pics. these are a few which friends who received them in a group posted so I snaffled some pics!!! serves me right i guess for leaving everything to the last minute. i'm gutted really though as they were some of the nicest cards i've done :-(