Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I've been tagged.....

by Jo, so anyone who hasn't seen her blog - go check it out you don't know what you're missing - she has some great stuff there http://fairymadjojo.blogspot.com/

OK..... now for the tag - 7 random facts about me, can't promise anything exciting but here goes

1. My ambition is to be a nurse or midwife

2. I met my hubby at school age 14

3. I've been on a ghost hunt

4. I hate anyone sat near me crunching crisps!

5. A year ago I didn't own a rubber stamp!

6. I love musicals

7. I'm an ebay addict

Ok, now to pass the tag on to ......

Aimee http://www.msmannersstamping.blogspot.com/

Angela http://www.angelakelley.blogspot.com/

Melanie http://www.scrappinwithmel.blogspot.com/

Sharon http://craftyscot.blogspot.com/

Vicky http://angelstamper2.blogspot.com/


mel4christ said...

How fun! Never been tagged before. I assume I do the same as you, list 7 random facts and post your info in the post?????? Then tag 4 others????


craftyscot said...

hi there, look forward to getting to know you, thanks for the tag

Aimee said...

Hi Caroline! Just getting to your tag now! Thanks sweetie!