Monday, 19 May 2008

An award for me!

Wow, this is such a huge honour! I've been given an award by Chrissy, thank you Chrissy for giving me this award it means such a lot. For anyone who's not seen Chrissy's blog then check it out she produces the most amazing artwork and fabulous cards. I'm thrilled to have received an award from such a talented lady. Still not quite sure what my purpose is though!
Now for my dilemma...... I have to pass this award on to another 3 blogging friends - which is difficult choosing just 3 as all the blogs I've visited are fantastic and full of inspiration. Sadly I can't give the award to everyone, but each and everyone of you deserves it!
Firstly I'll choose Jo (fairymad) Not only is Jo's blog full of beautiful creations, but without Jo I'd never have been introduced to the world of blogging and made so many new friends. Jo, for everything you've done and all you've gone through you deserve this one hun xx
Next up is Jane Jane's blog is full of work which is absolutely amazing and so inspirational - I come away full of new ideas each time I visit - which is often so probably explains why I've got the ideas but never seem to have the time to put any of them together :-)
Lastly I choose one of my new sisters Fifi another fantastic crafter who creates the most amazing artwork, and is always there with kind words and encouragement, thank you


Jane Carroll said...

thanks sweetie

you're a gem

made by fifi said...

thank you caroline :o) xx

PawsN2Stamp said...


mel4christ said...

Whoo hoooooooooo, congrats to you!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all.

fairymadjo said...

thanks hun,well done on your award. i tolld you would love blogging. huggs jo x

p.s thank you for being a great friend, as its been realy hard lately

Chrissy said...

Caroline it was very well deserved, you make some lovely things and provide inspiration to many. You also manage to find the time to support and encourage other people - what better purpose is there than that? hugs - ChrissyX