Saturday, 10 May 2008

Stamping question/problem

A few weeks back I received some stamps I'd ordered from the USA, they're a couple of Thomas Kinkade ones (by cornish heritage farms) I've tried stamping them but no matter what I do I just can't get a decent image at all - and can't figure out where I'm going wrong
I've tried different inks - used a black pigment, black dye, distress inks (which I've seen samples of using the same stamps)..... but still no success. When I try to ink the stamp the ink seems to disappear as though its soaked in or slid off the image so I'm having to ink it over and over, I also get lines where the ink pad edge is..... and when I stamp I can't get a good image. I'm not sure if its because the stamps are so detailed or not.......

If anyone has any suggestions (yep even give up stamping lololol) I'd love to hear them. The first 2 pics are my extremely feeble attempts and the 2nd too are some from the chf gallery to show how it should be done


Anonymous said...

Hi - mine is pic no.3!!
I used Brilliance Graphite black which is what I always use if I'm going to colour with copics. I also like versafine onyx black for a monotone look.
Not sure I'm much help to you??

Chrissy said...

zxzfI reckon you are trying to stamp on watercolour paper yeah? If so you need to choose the smooth kind or the ink just disappears, some paper is rough on one side and smooth on the other (craft central for one). The other thing that I found helped was to use a stamp mat.They are fabulous images and will be gorgeous when you have it sussed - ChrissyX

Jak said...

Try brayering the ink onto the stamp, you get a much more even colour and I've also found that if tou use a card with a sheen on it the results are far better.

fairymadjo said...

great stmps , jo x