Monday, 20 April 2009

card for hazel's best friend

Hazel's best friend Amy is 12 today - so guess who's job it was to make a card!! no problem I thought - until Hazel said it had to be shaped like a bag, had to have zebras and some bright pink!!!!! and of course when they're 12 they know just what they want lol
I wasn't so sure about it - wasn't the best card I've made but its been declared cool & awesome (which I'm assured is good lol)and both Hazel and Amy were pleased so mum must have got something right for a change lol


gypsyrose said...

you have done a great job on that Caroline, its lovely. im sure she will love it

thread-bare said...

I love it xx Clare x

fairymadjo said...

its stuning hun, well done , huggs jo x