Monday, 7 July 2008

Been colouring again :-)

I was chatting with a girl in one of my yahoo groups last week and asked her how she stamped/coloured her Thomas Kinkade stamped images as I'd had a few problems with mine - turns out that one of my stamps is known for being a s@@@ to get a decent image from lolol Anyway imagine my surprise when just 3 days later an envelope dropped through the letterbox all the way from the USA with a mix of about 12 Kinkade images inside - and only 1 is the same as my stamp!!!!!
Decided to bravely attempt colouring them but wasn't sure if I could do them the justice the artwork deserves - and here's the results so far. The first one, Open Gate is just coloured with cheapo coloured pencils and the second is same cheap pencils but with a 3d glaze over the
finished image! I'm astounded when looking at the before and after pictures how different they look coloured in.


Chrissy said...

Blimin' eck, I was gonna swear. What a lovely difference, I am struggling with my christmas one, I have half done it....suppose I have time to practice, I am too tired/weary lately! These look lovely.

Dawn said...

Wow - they look great. The coloring really does bring them to life. Just might have to break down and possibly get at least one... :)

mel4christ said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!amazing. Can't believe those are just colored pencils! Your coloring is impeccable.


Sheila said...

amazing colouring. they look just like photographs!

so glad you decided to pick yourself up and dust off those blues : )