Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Feeling sad :-(

Discovered today that someone in my yahoo group has been sending snippets of messages from the group to the owner of another group I'm in along with a couple other members. This has ended up looking as though myself and my friend Jo have been slating the group and its members and making derogatory comments -which we haven't but we've not been allowed to defend ourselves and show the messages in full so the owner can see the context....... I now feel as though I'm ready to give it all up - groups, crafting, the internet........ all of it. I feel so hurt that someone who I thought was a friend could go behind my back and do this when neither Jo or myself had done or said anything wrong...... so now I've got the group owner on my case and had a few of the members giving their opinions too..... even though they only got one side of the story. Instead of having the decency to send private mails to either of us it got broadcast in the group and so now we're the bad ones..... talk about witch trials - they've got us found guilty and ready for execution without a trial I'm getting blamed for all the bickering etc on the group now and told I started it when it wasn't even me who posted the message in the first place!
Why do people have to be so cruel and go out of their way to hurt people?? I could understand if I'd upset anyone but this is just so horrible. I'm now in a position where I've to watch everything I do or say in my own group!!!!! The person behind it hasn't even got the courage to own up and the group owner says I should go to them over it all not her group - yet she's refusing to tell me who it is but I do have a couple of possibles - after all, there's only 11 in the group so shouldn't be too hard to pinpoint
Going to have to think long and hard over this one but maybe its time just to give it all up...... either bang everything on ebay or maybe just bin the lot and say to hell with it


nessy said...

hey chin up girl ~ who ever has done this must have a very shallow life ~ you have done nothing wrong ~so let them all know that . don`t give up ,your work is fab!!
sending you really big hugs ( if i still had my sunflower card ,i would have sent it to cheer you up)
vanessa xx

Chrissy said...

Don't you dare! You may not have noticed but you are in a little group of bloggers both you and Jo. And, that litle group is full of great friendly people who support each other and enjoy each other triumphs and feel sad along with the bad moments.
I do know how you feel, believe me, once upon a time my ex ran a campaign to slur my character that was extremely far reaching and had many people commenting on my private life. I am a private person and hated it! However, the truth will out, so my advice is to walk away from the group for a little while....and let them sort themselves out. Sometimes keeping quiet is the most effective method to deal with silly people.
Now in the meantime, big hugs :-D Cheer up a little and please take part in my Fridays Fable at the end of the week cos I am going to have some blog candy for the next one - Lots of hugs- ChrissyXXX

mel4christ said...

I agree with Chrissy. Just remove yourself for awhile and see if you feel led to take action later on. You must not allow a few people to manipulate you and steal your joy. That belongs to you and they are not in control of your life. So take the wheel, keep your gaze fixed straight ahead and keep on creatin!

Sheila said...

Caroline, you're better than the people who try and put you down - remember that and take heart that there are people out there that will support you. Hope you don't let a few peevish people spoil a great hobby. Most people are lovely and there is always the odd rotten apple who can spoilt it - Don't let them!

Sonja said...

I think we have all gone through this sort of thing at one time or another (either in person or on the internet). As hard as it may seem, time passes and so does the issue. Women who do those awful things have real problems, and it's more about their own insecurities than it is about you. Don't let them have any power in your decisions to create and enjoy the rest of the girls in the group. Take a few days off, and then go back when you're ready. Don't try to get the last word in, that just looks desperate. If you didn't do anything, no need to try to expalin anything. Those that know you will know. And you still have us at SBS16! We love ya!

Emma said...

Caroline I know you don't me but Nessy and Chrissie do. A few months ago another blogger said some really nasty things about me and accused me of leaving a horrible comment on her blog. Unfortunately she did not post the comment so I could not prove that I would never be that childish. It really hurt and for quite some time I wanted to walk away from it all. BUT..as my crafty friends have already said...if you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to walk away from.
Sometimes people do things just to get a kick out of watching other people hurt. Its not fair but unfortunately in this life there will always be someone trying to rock the boat.
I know its hard but remember they are only a very small part of your life...and they don't actually need to be any part of it. So be strong and remember who really is there for you...because it sounds like you have some good friends that really do care. Big, huge hugs Emma.x

Chrissy said...

Just droopped back to say there is something on my blog for you - hugs, ChrissyX

Stacey said...

Oh poor you. Whilst you are having a real tough time of it at the moment, you must not let these bullies win. Why let them steal something from you that you love? If they want to resort to playground tactics, let them. You know (and we all know!) that you are far better than that.

And, as Sonja said, you've still got your SBS16 sistahs! ~x~