Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Hazel's card to Laura

Thought this one should be posted on its own lol. This is the card Hazel my eldest daughter made for Laura's birthday.
She pinched one of my nellie images (again from ebay hehe) coloured with distress ink for jeans & tunic and some pink & purple ink for the stripy top. everything else is from her stash. She's only 11 so I think she's done a great job with this - and no help from mum!!!


craftyscot said...

very sweet and a fab image


Hi there
Hazel is obviously as talented as her mother! Have been reading some of your latest posts and looking at your fab cards! I am so pleased to hear you were not going to let those meanies in the yahoo group make you give everything up. It is hard to believe there are some cruel people in the world who go out of their way to upset others, but the truth of it is there are, the best way to deal with them is rise above it. As you said you are better than that, and they have to live with themselves!! they know the truth and the damage they are causing. Thankfully there are also alot of very lovely people out there, who can't do enough for other people. Feel blessed that you are in contact with some of those. Best wishes Linda x

Sonja said...

Looks like Hazel is going to be quite the card crafter! Look out :)

Bev said...

She has done a truly amazing job there!! What a fantastic card - the colouring is amazing!!! Best hide all your stash away hunny - methinks you've got competition there!!