Friday, 18 July 2008

Pressies for the teachers :-)

Well, it took a while but finally got there!! Decided that rather than the usual flowers/chocolates which last 5 minutes I'd go for something they could keep!!! Ended up having to give the teaching assistants a handmade card and a promise of their baskets after the hols as only just managed to get these done in time to take to school - in fact one went with wet glitter glue on hehe!! But they were well received, teachers seemed thrilled with them which is all that matters
Think it would have been better going to school with a jumbo box of tissues - Hazel is devastated as she's finished primary school now and is off to high school in september. She's looking forward to it and is dead excited, but there's only 6 from her primary transferring to the high school she got accepted into as its not a local one, so she's going to lose touch with most of her friends she's known from being 5 poor thing!!! But she wanted to go to a 'better' school lolol she'll soon make new friends!


Chrissy said...

Thay are lovely, so much work. I never did all that for Cals teachers! Thank you so much for my lovely card, it is so pretty and so much work. I am trying to get a good photogrpah to put it on my blog but I need to do it in the daylight so it stays in focus, I am going to frame it and put it above my desk with Emmas CD :D

craftyscot said...

these are gorgeous, bet the teachers loved them. Good luck to your wee girl in her new school